Body Care Kit
Body Care Kit

Body Kit

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Body Care Kit

Each Body Care Kit includes the following products:

  • Enjoy a concentrated body creme that offers a lush, nourishing texture that absorbs quickly without leaving skin feeling sticky. Natural butters of Shea, Avocado and Coconut are so lush they virtually melt when applied, thissuper body hydrator offers a deep nourishment for the skin.

  • Revitalize a curvy silhouette with this specialty formula containing concentrated botanicals that enhance tonicity, elasticity and firmness. Hexapeptide bio-tighteners and Veino-tonic flavonoids rejuvenate the skin's support structure encouraging firmness and vitality. The main ingredients include:

    • Kigeline® - Is an extract of the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree. It contains flavonoids and steroidic saponosides that demonstrate superior firming properties. Due to the veino-tonic flavonoids and hormone-like properties of its steroidic saponosides, Kigeline® demonstrates superior toning and firming properties, particularly in the area of the bust.
    • Adifyline ® Solution - As a hexapeptide containing natural amino acid encourages skin density.
  • Body Contour Creme is a botanical microcirculation enhancing body treatment that addresses areas of uneven skin contouring. Marine origin disaccharide, botanical extracts and Caffeine target high levels of polyamines commonly found in uneven skin and cellulite. This uplifting cream offers sculpting benefits for body contours, improving the overall appearance of areas prone to lack of uniformity. The main ingredients include:

    • Slim-Excess™ - Is an ingredient that is capable of hindering the activity of spemine and spemidine and offers powerful lipid-reducing action, decreasing the visibility of cellulite. Slim­ Excess™ is a red seaweed (Rhodophycea) hydrolyzate, that can be used for a daily body contouring treatment, anti-cellulite body contouring treatment (thighs, abdomen, hips), and in a slimming serum express.
    • Caffeine - Caffeine, a xanthic base naturally found in coffee, tea and cocoa, is an effective lipolytic ingredient for slimming formulas as its efficacy has been proven for many years. Caffeine is a competitive inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzyme which converts CAMP to its non-cyclic form. Therefore, the rise of CAMP rate activates the HSL enzyme which stimulates the hydrolysis of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. The slimming effect results from the elimination of these residues out of the adipocytes accompanied by a cell size reduction.
    • Cell-Active Shape™ - Is a dynamic active that stimulates lipolysis activity (in vitro study on human adipocytes) and reduces fat infiltration in the dermis.
    • Ivy - Is a plant extract used for its anti-inflammatory, vasoconstricting, anti-bacterial and anti­ cellulite effects in slimming, anti-cellulite treatment and heavy legs treatment. The main active ingredients of the plant are Caffeic Acid, Hederacoside, Saponosides and Chlorogenic Acid.
  • Smooth and refine with the exfoliating benefits of this silky body lotion containing alpha hydroxy Glycolic Acid. This dual-purpose treatment refines texture while encouraging skin renewal and vibrancy in areas which lack uniformity. Benefits include:

    • Effective exfoliant / moisturizer
    • Smooths skin texture and promotes more even tone
    • Helps minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to sun damage
    • May be helpful in treating bumpy skin often found on upper arms
    • Use between waxing appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs